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Make Your Photo Impressive

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Difficulty - 1/5

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Time Required Icon 0 hrs 15 mins

There are various basic techniques to make your photos look impressive. We're going to demonostrate two techniques today, one by using Color Balance to change a photo's mood and another by creating Gradient Map to create a nice colour contrast.

Open the photo you want to edit or choose this photo here:

Color Balance

With this Adjustment layer, you can change your photo's color variety. Go to menu Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Color Balance

Notice how this changes the mood of the photo and how they feel differently:

Using warm colors:


Using cool colors:


Using emerald colors:


Gradient Maps:

We can also use gradient maps to create a very nice colour contrast. To start, go to menu Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Gradient Map...

Choose any gradient. I'm using black and white to create a monotone effect:

Here's the photo with the monotone gradient map applied:

Now to create the contrast, zoom into the parts you want the contrast created:

Pick the Eraser Tool , set the foreground color to #ffffff (white) and start erasing parts of the gradient map:

Note, setting foreground to #ffffff (white) will give you the color areas setting foreground to #000000 (black) will give black and white color

You can also press 'X' as a shortcut to switch between black and white brushes.

Keep brushing on your photo and you will have something like the following result.



By John

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