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Make up a girl

Skill level:

Difficulty - /5

Time Required:

Time Required Icon hrs mins

Open your girl stock

I choose this, it dark and so much  green

First, hit Ctrl + M or go to Image >> Adjustment >> Curve

Set Black and White point as i did, move the curve little up

it look brighter

Ctrl + U to open Hue/Saturation windows, set like this

yes, it okei, now  .. is the make-up step

Duplicate this layer, Gaussian Blur (Filter >> Blur >> Gaussian Blur ) it with 10 px

Change blending mode = Screen, 40 % opacity

make new layer, set Blending mode = Overlay, use soft brush with black and white color to draw

our result !

Use Magic Wand tool, hold Shift, and select all girl's skin areas

Feather selections

Curve ( Ctrl + M )

her skin look brighter

Merge all layer or make new layer and Apply Image, duplicate it, Gaussian Blur with 1 px, creat a layer mask, use Black Soft Brush to clear the area that you dont want to show

Make new layer, Apply Image again, then Filter >> Artistic >> Poster Edges, set parameter as I did, use layer mask clear some area

OK !! now creat the selection like this with Rectangular Marquee Tool, fill #000000 color

add a Lens Flare ( Filter >> Render >> Lens Flare )

Hue the backgorund ( must on new layer and using Layer Mask )

Another layer with 2 px Blur

use some Star Brushes, add text ... Done !! make-up complate :P

this Light and Flowing version

Cute version ( add some color tone )


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