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Increase Breast Size

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Difficulty - 1/5

Time Required:

Time Required Icon 0 hrs 15 mins

So imagine creating the perfect girl in PhotoShop - what do we need?!

Open a photograph - I chose a HOT Korean Race Queen. What about you?


First, select the Liquify filter.

Filter > Liquify


This will open up the Liquify dialogue. Go to left hand tool bar, and select Bloat tool. 3

Next we choose the brush size. Choose a brush size larger than the expected breast size.


Click the center of the breast and drag it slowly to the sides - making sure the breast is evenly rounded (or else it will look unnatural! ^_^") 5


Press OK to finalize on the top right corner (clicking Cancel will undo).

Here is a comparison photograph of the same girl. Breasts look fuller and one cup larger. See the difference?

7Increase Breast Size Tutorial: Final Result

And we're done - feel free to comment!

Colin C

By Colin C

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