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How to Change Skin Tone in Photoshop

Skill level:

Difficulty - 2/5

Time Required:

Time Required Icon 0 hrs 30 mins



Step 1

  • Duplicate layer
  • Set Blending mode to Soft Light at 100%

Step 1

Step 2

  • Go to Image > Adjustment > Selective Color...
  • Pick Black from the drop down, and then add 20% to Black from the spectrum

Step 2

Step 3

  • Select skin areas using Magic Wand Tool(Q)
  • Feather Selection (Alt+Ctrl+D) 5px then
  • Layer Via Copy (Ctrl+J) name it "skin"

Step 3

Step 4

  • Add an Curves adjustment layer (Curves) (Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Curves)

Add a Level layer...

Note: You can duplicate the layer if it isn't strong enough.

Then finally change the Hue/Saturation layer ...

Step 5


Add colour to the lips

  • Pick the Lasso Tool then draw the selection around her lip
  • Feather selection (5px)
  • Use Hue/Saturation module (Ctrl + U)


And now, shade something ..

    -Stand on layer "skin"

    -Pick Burn Tool, darker some dark area ...

You see? these areas are so bright. Fix it now!!

     -Use EyeDropper, choose a skin tone color

     -Make new layer

     -Use Soft Brush draw into bright areas ( on new layer )

     -Change Blending mode = " Color "

     -Filter >> Blur >> Gaussian Blur ( 5 > 10 px )

Now, we need some tone color for this image

I choose warm tone

Add one more adjustment layer ( Photo Filter ) and set as I did ..

At last step, you should make a copy-of-merged-layer by using Image >> Apply Image ( on new blank layer )

Change mode = Screen, discount Opacity ..

You can use Dodge and Burn Tool to shading some skin areas are incorrect ...

This is stock photo

and this is last result !! Have fun :)



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