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Changing Hair Color in Pictures

Skill level:

Difficulty - 2/5

Time Required:

Time Required Icon 0 hrs 20 mins

So you want to try out new hair colors? Lets start!

Open up a photograph - I chose a beautiful Asian girl! =D

Choose a soft edge brush.

Press "Q" to enter in quick mask mode. Then mark the hair area with the brush. You do not have to be very accurate around the edges.

Press “Q” again to leave the quick mask mode.

Now we have a selection around the hair, however we need is the selection in the hair.

To do so, go to Select > Invert.

Now we dye the hair. Create a new Fill Layer by going to:

Layer > New Fill Layer > Solid Color

Under the basic properties of the new fill layer, change the mode to Soft Light, then click OK.

Next you pick the new hair color . For the example, I choose red.

And walla, done!

Colin C

By Colin C

I don't do much since I get John to do my work.

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