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A lovely cartoon character

Skill level:

Difficulty - /5

Time Required:

Time Required Icon hrs mins

1. Creat new document, size 600 x 600

2. Using Pen Tool to draw this path

    Go to Brush Presets palette and set as i did

    Make new layer and Stroke Path

    Pick Simulate Pressure

    We have

    the path must have first and end point like this

3. Now, make the selection

    Make new layer again and fill with #e1e1e1 color

4. Draw path

    Right-Click in screen, choose Stroke path in new menu

     ( In new layer )

    this is first and end point

    Make selection and fill color again ( must in new layer )

5. draw face :)

    do the same step

    ( all obj must in difference layer )

    Stroke Path weight map:

6. draw eyes

    Go to Brush Presets and set as i did

    Stroke path without Simulate Pressure check

7. Now, shading the squirrelusind Burn Tool and Dodge Tool, eraser some detail have no need

    Shading ears

    Shading face


8. Put our squirrel to black bakcground

    Draw a eliptical shape like this

    Blur it  

    Make new layer, then go to Filter >> Render >> Lighting Effect and set as i did

    use Soft Brush Tool with low opacity drawing randomly to make the light below the squirrel to make it a little bit "dirty"


9. Decrease the Opacity of some layer stroke, repair the tail part to like the sample picture ....

 DONE !!! :)


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